Modular Lean Solution

Companies who implemented the Lean Modular Solution have reported cost savings of up to 40% and increased productivity of up to 55%! Most of the cost savings are generated by reducing stock, transport costs and manual handling. For one of our customers the actual number of manual handling operations per box was reduced by four, making the product flow smoother, faster and cheaper than before! With the K.Hartwall Lean Modular Solution:
  • Smaller lot sizes can be handled optimally
  • Smaller lot sizes can be handled optimally
  • Wheeled units can be stacked and racked
  • High cubic fill and fast loading/unloading are enabled due to the use of the Lean Adaptor Pallet
Also, Lean products are durable and made of high quality materials and components keeping your repair and maintenance costs down for the lowest Total Cost of Ownership. At the start of a new Lean project, we can use our Value Analysis Tool to evaluate potential savings in the supply chain. From this data and small volume trials we are able to quantify the benefits on larger roll-outs. Please contact us and we will show how your company can benefit from the Lean Modular Solution!